Jānis Jurčenko

Short-term project Green heART, 2012

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I came back to Škofja Loka as a long term EVS volunteer in organization ,,UrbanProd’’ (France, Marseille) to realize my personal project here, in Slovenia. I made this decision after doing a short term EVS in Škofja loka last year and spending my holidays here. I had unforgettable emotions which were caused by this place. Škofja loka, organization Zavod O, club ,,Pri rdeči ostrigi’’, all these places and people here are like human charger for me. Each time after visiting this place I have new emotions, experiences and I’m totally charged for new actions. As I said, I call this place a human charger, and for that I have a real reason. This is the place where people want to come back and the good thing is that Zavod O will allways welcome you with smile and kindness.