Okan Kaya

Project Kids in Action 2, 2016

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It was around November 2015 when I decided to do EVS. I was in the last year of university. I started to check all the rules, links to apply and stuff to do. Around February, I was accepted by an organization for a 12 months project from Slovenia, which made me extra happy, because I knew where, is Slovenia and the situation in the country. Especially Škofja Loka, where I was an EVS volunteer, is an amazing place to live with the support of hosting organization and student club.

If you are a person who loves nature and history you will love that place. There are old castles, nice old buildings and a lot of hiking routes. Another thing about Slovenia is its great location in Europe. It has great bus and train connections to other countries and cities.

The things I did was mostly visual stuff and sport activities and plays of course. If the weather was good we would always do outdoor activities because in a place like Slovenia you shouldn’t stay inside when the weather is good.

My project was about working with kids and teenagers mostly. In a regular day, I was preparing activities for them and contributing to their development as much as I could. We did some workshops, watched interesting documentaries and made some Do It Yourself projects, which they loved.

This kind of experience made me a more patient person, gave me other ways of thinking. I learned how to deal with kids and teenagers and work with them. Thanks to this project I had the opportunity to meet a lot of lovely people from Slovenia and other countries.